Cost of Study in the USA for Indian Students

The USA is considered the home of Indian students as it has held the most powerful academic reputation for years. Due to the availability of QS-ranked universities, upgraded academic facilities, the convenience of paying a fee to study in USA, and more, the country is a dream destination for all Catholic students globally.

You can fulfil your dream to study in Abroad. But first, you need to know the total cost of studying in the USA before you choose your dream university. You are supposed to arrange available funds from registering at the university to start having your accommodation in the USA.

Two main components are there that make up the cost of study in USA. The first one is tuition, which varies according to the different universities, courses, and cities within a country. The average tuition fee is approx. $20,000–$50,000 annually for top colleges in the US. It may fluctuate while pursuing different courses.

And another one is living expenses, which are the costs of surviving and staying in the country.

College-type in the US (2022-23)

Tuition and Fees in the US

Room and board charges in the US

Public two-year colleges



Public four-year colleges (in-state fees)



Public four-year colleges (out-of-state fees)



Private, non-profit four-year colleges




The cost of popular courses in the US

The top universities in the US are Harvard University, Columbia University, Stanford University, Yale University, and Princeton University, among many others. Many of the best colleges in the country are located in cities like New York, Cambridge, New Haven, Boston, and Old Saybrook. The more metropolitan the place is, the more expensive it will be to live there.

Accounting, Computer Science, Finance, Economics, Media/Communications, and Business Management are well-liked courses that are pursued in the US by Indian students. For a full-time course, the cost of studying in the US for the following courses per year is as follows:

Top Courses


Average tuition fees per year

BSc Nursing (BSN)

4  years

$40,000/ year

MBBS (BS+MD+Residency)

8-10 years

$40,000/ year


1 year

$60,000/ year

MA in Applied Economics

2 years

$35,000/  year


2 years

$70,000/ year


1 to 2 years

$50,000/ year

MSc Computer Science

1 to 2 years

$50,000/ year

MSc Data Science

1 to 2 years

$70,000/ year

Average cost of living in the US

The expenses of studying in the USA can be divided into food, studying, and living expenses. One major part of the expenditure is tuition fees for a particular country, and the other is the living cost while in the country. It goes without saying that students who live in the city will shell out more money than students who choose to stay in rural parts of the country. While studying in the US, a student spends on average approximately $15,000–$20,000 per year on living expenses. Nevertheless, this amount completely depends on the location where a student lives. If a student decides to live in a metropolitan city, he will spend more than a student who chooses a hostel or suburban accommodation.

Cost of living in the US: the following expenses are generally included in the average cost of living in the USA:

  • Food
  • Room and board
  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Appropriate clothing as per the weather
  • Textbooks
  • Entertainment
  • Personal and miscellaneous expenses

Other expenditures that are counted under living expenses include:

  • Large purchases, like a PC, furniture, or even a rental car
  • Medical expenses that are not covered by health insurance, e.g., eye care, cosmetic treatment, dental care
  • Travel expenses between India and the country of choice during vacations
  • Weekend trips
  • Social outings
  • Variable expenses

Considering these factors, an all-inclusive average living expenses index has been gathered for students who want to travel abroad. Around INR 8.85 lakhs per annum can be expected to be shelled out by the students from India to cover their meal and living expenses while studying in the US. And a student visa charge for USA from India applying for undergraduate courses in INR is 13.075.

Education Loan for the USA

Many times, studying in the US could prove to be an expensive experience. One always has to face the biggest challenge in arranging the funds for studying in the USA. Although many financial aid opportunities are available for students who want to study in the USA, including grants and scholarships that can assist you with funding your studies, getting financial aid is not as easy as it sounds.

The cost of living and studying in a country like the USA can be excessive, and everybody cannot afford it. However, the ambition to study abroad and make it big in life always drives you to overcome these barriers. One of the most crucial parts of the whole exercise is arranging funds. This scenario has been understood by various banks, and the complexity of financial higher education has been resolved by providing education loans for studying in the US.

Several banks and financial institutions are willing to provide education loans for students’ education abroad. A huge investment for any student is an education loan, and before you apply, it is essential to know the terms and conditions. Students are offered loans by some banks at competitive rates, and they are provided a range of benefits such as flexible repayment options and low interest rates. Candidates would be required to adhere to their guidelines to be successfully considered for a student loan for study abroad. Candidates looking to study in the US with the help of an education loan need to provide financial institutions and banks with documents and security against their loan amount.

– Written by Shipra Singh (DEC)