Latvia is a country located in the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Estonia. Its landscape is dense, sprawling with lush forests and wide beaches. Similarly, the country is bound by Russia and Belarus and provides maritime boundaries with Sweden. The cost of living is very low compared to the standard of living.

Studying in Latvia will allow you to enter Europe. An EU student visa allows you to travel (at a low cost) throughout the EU and look for work. 

Obtaining a European education degree is a dream for thousands of people. Its picturesque capital, Riga, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

IELTS is not required, and the overall cost of the study is comparable to that of Indian institutions. 

Riga Technical University, Stradins University, and the University of Latvia are all world-class institutions.

Why Study In Latvia?

Some of the top reasons to study in Latvia are as under

High-Quality Education: Higher education in Latvia is both state-funded and fee-based. Top students can apply for government grants and scholarships. Latvia has two levels of higher education programmes: academic and professional (for instance translators, bank staff, business legal advisors, pilots, and so forth.). College-type higher education organisations provide both academic and professional instruction, whereas “non-college type” foundations only provide professional education.

Culture: Latvia is not known for its world-class culinary conventions; rather, the food, influenced by German or Russian cooking, is simple, healthy, and filling. Riga has an incredible selection of restaurants in all price ranges. Many restaurants now offer refunds and ‘glad hours’ to attract customers, so eating in Riga should not be a problem at any time of day – or night.


Student life in general: When studying in Latvia, you have the option of studying in the capital city of Riga or in one of the urban areas that are as beautiful as Riga and are close to nature, where you can enjoy the study environment as well as the excellent landscapes and friendly environment of the small urban communities. You will understand the importance of investing in one of the world’s most secure and environmentally friendly countries. You can be certain that Latvian colleges provide an advanced education system. As one of their focal points, they consider their advanced education establishments to be sufficiently small to work practically and successfully, ensuring a unique way to deal with each student.

Work while studying: International students are permitted to work part-time in Latvia. The most extreme number of hours that can be worked without a work permit is 20 per week. After obtaining a residency permit, a student may apply for a work permit.

Work after graduation: Latvia, like many other fast-growing economies, has a diverse top division, with numerous job opportunities for students, particularly in global ventures associated with fares. Discover what to expect in terms of job opportunities in Latvia and learn about work permits.

Visa Process:

Admission office of the picked college will help you during the application procedure and will advise you about the prerequisites for applications for studies!

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