Study Medical India / Abroad

mbbs in Armenia

MBBS In Armenia

mbbs in Georgia

MBBS In Georgia

mbbs in Ukraine

MBBS In Ukraine

mbbs in Kazakhstan

MBBS In Kazakhstan

mbbs in Bangladesh

MBBS In Bangladesh

mbbs in India

MBBS In India

mbbs in belarus

MBBS In Belarus

mbbs in Russia

MBBS In Russia

mbbs in Philippines

MBBS In Philippines

mbbs in Vietnam

MBBS In Vietnam

What options are there after the 12th for medical aspirants?

Why studying MBBS is too costly in India? & why do some of the countries you just mentioned offer the same at far lesser fees?

You said Abroad Options are also better, I have seen many aspirants go to Russia, China, Ukraine, and Georgia (Europe). Which one do you recommend today, of course with a reason? & How this MBBS degree will be accepted in India?

Why should students and parents come to DEC, especially when the NEET result is just there…?

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