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How to Speak English without Fear?

A step-by-step training programme that will help those who are
afraid of speaking English in the classroom, at work or at meetings

A Six-level English
Diagnostic Test

a 40-minute performance test to rectify your English language sub-skills & receive forecasting report

Classroom & Fieldwork

From Grammar capsules to Practical assignments, activities revolve around concept clarity & real-time engagement

Anxiety Clinic

A unique series of sequential exercises to slow down internal response system & deepen concentration – developing feelings of control while speaking in front of people

English Speaking Vacation Crash Courses



A1, A2 | 40 Hours

Min. CEFR Criteria: N/A

Sentence structure making Foundational Inputs Field Work Observer Input : Output (Ratio) 90 : 10

For Whom: Anyone who wants to start speaking English for everyday life



B1, B2 | 40 Hours

Min. CEFR Criteria: B1

Advance Structures, Formal-Informal Conversations, Field Work Actor, Input : Output (Ratio) 70 : 30

For Whom: Those who wants to improve their existing Spoken English skills in everyday life



A1, A2, B1 | 40 Hours

Min. CEFR Criteria: N/A

Basic Grammar Concepts, Noun to Tenses, Assignments & Exercises, Input : Output (Ratio) 50 : 50

For Whom: Anyone who wants to learn English for academic purposes



B1, B2, C1 | 40 Hours

Min. CEFR Criteria: B1

Advance Grammar Concepts, Tenses to Clauses, Assignments & Exercises, Input : Output (Ratio) 50 : 50

For Whom: Anyone who wants to learn English for English competitive exam purpose

Regular English Speaking Course


A1, A2 | 90 Hours

Min. CEFR Criteria: N/A

Both Starters, Vocabulary Sessions, Voice Modulation, Outdoor Communication Projects, Input : Output (Ratio) 80 : 20


B1, B2, C1 | 90 Hours

Min. CEFR Criteria: B1

Both Starters Introducing C1, Field Work Actor, Input : Output (Ratio), 70 : 30



Course Level: A1 to C2

6 months – 1 Year – 3 Years

Min. CEFR Criteria: N/A

Career Oriented, Practice Unlimited, On-going training



A2, B1, B2 | 60 Hours

Min. CEFR Criteria: B1

Presentation Skill, Mental Programming, Panic Clinic Workshop, Effective Speech writing

Professional English Courses



B1, B2, C1 | 60 Hours

Min CEFR Criteria: B1

Recruitment – Specifications Contracts & MOUs Appraisal & Email Reward, Remuneration & Feedback Industrail Relations



A2 to C1 | 3/6/12 Months

Min. CEFR Criteria: A1

For Whom: Anyone who wants to utilize English for business purpose



B1, B2, C1 | 60 Hours

Min. CEFR Criteria: A1

Min CEFR Criteria: B1 Clarifying, Explaining Taking an Order, Troubleshooting Effective Email writing Complaint strategies & policies



B1, B2, C1 | 60 Hours

Min. CEFR Criteria: A1

Market Research, Writing Reports Writing positioning strategies AIDA Model language Corresponding press release Trade Fair, Socializing, Giveaways

If you want to speak English fluently,
Learn with your ears, not with your eyes

Learning English has input & output components. If you take certain amount of input, there is a chance of small output. For example, how have you learnt your mother tongue? Isn’t that you were actively “listening only” till you reached two (age) or so?
Of course it will be like alien for new born babies as they keep receiving certain inputs (through listening) from surrounding. At one, infants try to copy their parents speaking – which is output.
The truth is kids start speaking (output) their language perfectly before they enter into formal education (kindergarten). How is that possible?
It means English speaking is directly depends on English listening (input). The ratio can be 10: 90. (output: input)
For this reason, when you want to speak 10 sentences in English, you need to first spend time to listen 90 English sentences. It’s as simple as that.
If you want to speak English well, you have to focus on listening English
If you want to write English well, you have to focus on reading English

Hang On! The Secret is Coming Now!

Repetition is the KEY to English fluency

Can you make a sentence quickly, easily & automatically? If no, listen & read Again & Again!



Experience the learning OUTSIDE CLASSROOM

Cafe Session


Industrial Presentation

Admission Procedure

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Instructions cannot make you speak English – it is your practice that guarantees your fluency in English language. It is same as how you have scored distinction in 10th grade and other classmates might not have achieved the same. We always recommend to shift the focus from “You” to “Me” and take responsibility to do English practice every day. This in turn can guarantee you about your English language skills.

Everybody can have different starting point when it comes to learning second language. Find your current English language level, even if you think you need to start from Basic English course, find your exact current English level. There are 6 levels on CEFR scale (12 sub-levels). Secondly, English speaking practice with your online community can add value in your preparation but it can waste your time if you don’t practice with right level of candidates. When you don’t have time to spare for English speaking course, that’s fine, but make a plan, evaluate, monitor from relevant resources, so that you don’t have to be disappointed later.

Probably you know English well in terms of writing, due to your academic background. You have knowledge of English but it is not necessarily that you can convey knowledge into words and expressions without having doing so. That means possessing English knowledge and exhibiting it through your spoken words are entire different functions and require different set of practice. The fact is if you have not spoken English in front of people till now, you will not be able to do it for a first few times, that is natural. Here along with English talking practice you will now require the art of public speaking.

British council English related courses are absolutely fantastic but you will not find Indian context in it. We adopt things faster when the content is connecting and our emotions are attached with those content. Our English speaking course for beginners and English for professionals have Indian context that resembles with our experiences, so that it becomes easier to memorize it. For example “Tom likes to go Sheffield central library everyday” is a British council context to teach “infinitive verb” while DEC’s example can be “Virat Kohli smashes superb cover drive to lead India to victory” for the same concept. Which one do you think you can remember for a long time and why? Our professional English speaking course has Indian context along with British context too.

Yes, DEC do offer spoken English coaching online. It includes everything as offline candidates along with extra English language tutorials and you have a chance to receive English conversation lessons along with communication practice with online students in our community. Online English training has multiple schedules to match the candidate’s convenience. Kindly contact us to know the current online English batch.

We have 10:1 student teacher ratio for advance English batch and other professional course, 15:1 for Basic English batch.

Public speaking module does not only have to do with speaking in front of people. It gives you a chance to lead a team, or a department or entire organization in future. Of course you will want to grow in your career whatever domain you are working at the moment. The very foundation of this growth lies in how you deal with the people, how you motivate them, how you explain your goal, how you give presentation to the board members or how you give your thank you speech to your stake holders. Public speaking skills can transform you personality to something more meaningful and you can easily connect with the people’s emotions.

Grammar holds very important aspect in any language learning. It is true that technical aspects of almost anything – be it machine design, person’s character or concept understanding – is complex to understand. Further, it might get exaggerated by the one who teaches it, making it nightmare in a way that a learner might start hating the concept. However, I am sure still you must have learn certain complex things in your life – with the help of better instructions that gave you a deeper clarity about it. Same way, our English Grammar concepts are designed in a way that can excite your neurons and make you understand creatively about how the grammar combination works. Forget formulas, you need to learn English Grammar naturally.

Professional or Business English courses are the courses that are specific to certain domain candidates. You will find the context and content related to your specific domain. This can ensure you can apply your English skills directly to your workplace and start getting implementing what you learn here. English language can be a career improving skills at workplace when you can demonstrate it professionally. Advance English courses have broader context and contents of various nature that is not limited to professional environment but the English used in day to day life.

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