No more liberty to work in Canada for international students after graduating.

The decree of banning work permits on completion of the course to an international student was determined to be brought into effect in September, 2024 by the Canadian Government. It was like a bolt from the blows for the international students who are in Canada or planning to study in Canada. The stress escalated when it was declared that rule will be practised from May, 2024.

According to the modification made by the Immigration Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC),  the foreign students who would be studying in public-private colleges after May 15, 2024 will be forbidden from working after completing their graduation.

There has been an influx of foreign students in the recent few years in Canada due to some educational institutes which have significantly increased the number of admissions for monetary gains. As a result, there are not enough resources to cater to the needs of Canadians and international students of Canada. Shortages of housing, health care and few other basic needs have grown drastically.

As one of the ways to control the problem of rapidly increasing population in Canada & its side effects on its economy, Canada officially announced to terminate the freedom of international students to gain Canadian work experience if they graduate from a private college that has licensed to deliver the curriculum of an associated public college.

However, this amendment still does not take away the privilege of working in Canada from the international students post completing their graduation. International aspirants still have access to alternative options. A graduate can apply for a work permit for those occupations that struggle with labour shortage in Canada can apply for a work permit if supported by an employer’s approved labour market impact assessment.

IRCC facilitates with the designated learning institute list so that students can identify which colleges and universities can make them receive PGWP. Pursuing a less than 2 year program from such a designated learning institute makes an International student eligible for PGWP ( terms & condition ).