Sumy State University

Sumy State University was founded in Sumy Oblast, Ukraine, in 1948. Today, it is the region’s leading classical university with an III-IV accreditation level. Currently, the University has approximately 15,000 students from nearly 50 countries studying for pre-bachelor, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in 22 fields of knowledge and 51 majors. Sumy State University is one of the best MBBS universities in Ukraine. 

Sumy State University is a fully comprehensive Ukrainian university with approximately 50% private funding, a strong international orientation, and a research focus. 

In terms of the number of prize-winning places in All-Ukrainian competitions for students’ research works and All-Ukrainian Olympiads in educational disciplines, training areas, and majors, the University ranks high among Ukrainian higher education institutions.

Sumy State University collaborates with over 300 partners from 55 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Japan, South Korea, China, and others. The University actively develops academic mobility programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students, including long-term and short-term studies, internships, virtual mobility programs, and placement programs; professional development, teaching, and research mobility for staff with substantial scholarship and grant support using credit transfer and recognition of academic results. Sumy State University is a leader among Ukrainian universities in terms of commercial contracts and grants, as well as the efficiency with which budget funds are used.

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Facts about MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS Fees In Sumy State University

Year Tuition Fees Hostel Fees One Time Charges* TOTAL USD
1 $ 4300 $ 1000 $ 2500 $ 7800
2 $ 4300 $ 1000 $ 5300
3 $ 4300 $ 1000 $ 5300
4 $ 4300 $ 1000 $ 5300
5 $ 4300 $ 1000 $ 5300
6 $ 4300 $ 1000 $ 5300

MBBS Course Duration in Ukraine

The course duration of MBBS in Ukraine is nearly 6-years (5 years academic learning + 1-year internship). For other courses, following are the course duration followed by medical college of Ukraine

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