Poltava State Medical & Dental University

Poltava Ukrainian Medical and Dental Academy was founded in 1921 by faculty from Kharkiv Medical Academy. In 1967, the university relocated to Poltava and was renamed Poltava State National Medical University. The Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy accredited Poltava Medical Dental University in 1994. This academy has approximately 4000 students. 1200 of them are foreigners from 42 different countries. Medical and dental education training is provided. The Poltava State Medical and Dental University is a highly ranked Ukrainian university that offers quality medical and dental education to undergraduate students. From 1999 to 2009, the academy published over 710 educational benefits, receiving 106 Ukrainian and Russian patents. 

Ukrainian Medical and Dental Academy has begun teaching its students using a credit modular system by the Bologna Agreement.

Currently enrolled at the Academy of 3615 students, 1400 of whom are international students from 42 countries. Training is provided in the dental and medical faculties, as well as the faculty training foreign citizens, the Faculty of Graduate Education, and the Department of pre-university education. Based on the YMCA, the college was established to prepare undergraduate and junior medical staff.

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Facts about MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS Fees In Poltava State Medical & Dental University

Year Tuition Fees Hostel Fees One Time Charges* TOTAL USD
1 $ 4008 $ 900 $ 2342 $ 7250
2 $ 4008 $ 900 $ 4908
3 $ 4800 $ 900 $ 5700
4 $ 4800 $ 900 $ 5700
5 $ 4800 $ 900 $ 5700
6 $ 4800 $ 900 $ 5700

MBBS Course Duration in Ukraine

The course duration of MBBS in Ukraine is nearly 6-years (5 years academic learning + 1-year internship). For other courses, following are the course duration followed by medical college of Ukraine

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