Odessa National Medical University

Odessa National Medical University ONMU was founded in 1900 and is officially Europe’s largest medical university. In 1977, the university was granted National accreditation. ONMU was Ukraine’s first medical university to receive a national rating. ONMU is a government university with a diverse faculty that includes world-renowned scientists, the founders of scientific medical schools, a Nobel Prize winner, the Director of the Institute of Experimental Immunology, and others. 

The Institute is a member of the Bologna process and is affiliated with all national medical councils. This institute was the first university in Ukraine to offer medical education in English in 1996. In 2005, the Institute received an award from Ukraine’s Ministry of Education and Science for the development of a modern model of English medium teaching.

A collaboration between the university and the European and International Association of Universities leads to the reformation of medical education in the country.

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Facts about MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS Fees In Odessa National Medical University

Year Tuition Fees Hostel Fees One Time Charges* TOTAL USD
1 $ 4370 $ 1000 $ 2500 $ 7870
2 $ 4370 $ 1000 $ 5370
3 $ 4370 $ 1000 $ 5370
4 $ 4370 $ 1000 $ 5370
5 $ 4370 $ 1000 $ 5370
6 $ 4370 $ 1000 $ 5370

MBBS Course Duration in Ukraine

The course duration of MBBS in Ukraine is nearly 6-years (5 years academic learning + 1-year internship). For other courses, following are the course duration followed by medical college of Ukraine

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