Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy

Ukraine is a European country with European-level educational standards. Dnipro State Medical University is one of Ukraine’s top medical schools. Ukraine is in the heart of Europe, so living and travelling will be ideal. The candidates will have a bright future with European medical education at one of Ukraine’s highest levels of accreditation, the Dnepropetrovsk Medical Academy (DMA). 

It is the Centre of Education, Science, and Culture for Ukraine’s highly industrialized Dnieper region. Dnepr is Ukraine’s most important industrial city. Dnipropetrovsk is home to more than 40% of Ukraine’s industry. 

It is also known as Ukraine’s business capital. The city is highly developed and well established in every aspect of life. Dnipro State Medical University (DMA) is one of Ukraine’s oldest higher education institutions, with the 4th (highest) level of accreditation.

Dnipro State Medical University has the lowest tuition fees among European medical universities. Candidates are not required to take any exams or English proficiency tests, which contributes to Ukraine being Europe’s best education country. The Academy educates specialists in English, Russian, and Ukrainian across all faculties. The Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy has an incredible history of training foreign nationals since 1990. The Academy graduated its first batch of foreign physicians in 1995. Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy trained over 1000 foreign specialists from 30 countries over 10 years.

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Facts about MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS Fees In Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy

Year Tuition Fees Hostel Fees One Time Charges* TOTAL USD
1 $ 4211 $ 600 $ 2500 $ 7311
2 $ 4211 $ 600 $ 4811
3 $ 4211 $ 600 $ 4811
4 $ 4211 $ 600 $ 4811
5 $ 4211 $ 600 $ 4811
6 $ 4211 $ 600 $ 4811

MBBS Course Duration in Ukraine

The course duration of MBBS in Ukraine is nearly 6-years (5 years academic learning + 1-year internship). For other courses, following are the course duration followed by medical college of Ukraine

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