About Semey State Medical University

Semey State Medical University was established in 1952. It is regarded as one of Kazakhstan’s best medical universities. Previously known as ‘Semipalatinsk State Medical Institute,’ the university’s name was changed to Semey State Medical University after 40 years. 

The medicine faculty was the university’s first faculty, began in 1953. The university gradually added more faculties, including Pediatrics, which began in 1963, Stomatology, which began in 1991, and Medico Prophylactic, Pharmaceutical, and General Medicine, which began in 2003. The university currently has 3500 students enrolled. 

Students can gain practical experience and complete an internship at one of the university’s many affiliated hospitals, where mentors and doctors can guide them.


Semey Medical University has rich historical traditions, enormous potential, and authoritative schools. The university has made significant contributions to the advancement of medicine and the promotion of population health. Semey State Medical University offers the best medical education available, using the most advanced equipment and technology. The university has approximately 450 teachers, including 35 Doctors of Sciences, 1 academician, 168 PhDs, 3 Corresponding members of the AMS RK, and 4 corresponding members of the ANS RK.

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Facts about MBBS in Kazakhstan

MBBS Course Duration

In Kazakhstan, the MBBS program lasts six years (5 years of academic study plus 1 year of internship). All Indian students must complete a 1-year medical internship to attend medical colleges in Kazakhstan.

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