Shah Jalal University Of Science & Technology

Higher education is vital in today’s world for ensuring a prosperous career and financial security for any individual. With the rapid increase in globalization, higher education has become an investment that provides job security as well as another significant reward. 

Aside from career advancement, it also provides personal development and a greater sense of discipline and accomplishment. The University of Rajshahi is a prestigious Bangladesh University that has been providing high-quality higher education to its students for 62 years.

Rajshahi University was founded on July 6, 1953. The University is the second-largest in Bangladesh, located in Rajshahi. 

Rajshahi is located in the northwestern part of Bangladesh, on the green grounds of Motihar, close to the Padma River. The University of Rajshahi has a 68-year history of making higher education and research available to a diverse range of students. 

The University of Rajshahi has 59 departments that offer a low fee structure, modern educational equipment, and a large number of seats to international students interested in pursuing MBBS careers.

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Facts about MBBS in Bangladesh

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MBBS Course Duration

The MBBS program lasts five years, followed by a one-year logbook-based rotatory internship (clerkship) for international students. After passing the FMGE/NeXT (MCI/NMC Screening Test), Indian doctors choose a one-year internship or clerkship in India.

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