Why study abroad?

Often we are confined to our very own bubble, unaware of the vast world that lives beyond our tapered horizons. So deep is the ingrained mundanity of life in our gyri and sulci that we walk the earth in a daze, unbeknownst to the plethora of colors and cultures that lie just beyond our reach.

Amidst all this monotonicity, some things come along that force us to push our boundaries. Things like education, work-life & career and quality of life are too crucial to be confined in our bubble. Hence, you must strive forward and aim for the sky.

Many people move overseas for one or more of the above mentioned reasons. Frankly, the decision more often than not proves to be quite a pivotal one. Not only is the process quite daunting, but it also ends up burning a hole in your pocket. Thankfully, the tradeoff almost always pays off.

Some of the major benefits are mentioned below:

Quality Education is one of the most obvious reasons for moving abroad. Good quality education is not only every student’s dream but it should also be every child’s birthright. Overseas education in countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand is quite famous for paving the way towards a much better future.

The foreign universities offer a multitude of options for the students to choose from according to their needs. The eligibility criteria are often quite lenient.  The students can opt for the course and program that best suits the development of their skills.

Moreover, to promote higher education, some countries even offer scholarships. The scholarships can either be for tuition or accommodation or both.

Career Opportunities become abundant as soon as you make the move across the pond. Countries like Canada, Australia and the UK even offer post-study work visas for two or more than two years. Quality education & great career opportunities, without a doubt, go hand-in-hand. There are also opportunities for students to work while studying. This has two benefits: a) the earnings take care of your daily expenses b) the work experience amplifies the resume. Employers across the globe hold professionals with international education and/or work experience in high regard.

Being self-dependent is one of the most valued qualities in a person. Moving to another country and living away from one’s kin and kith can be quite an onerous process. Although the path is full of challenges, they groom you for your future endeavors and shape you as a human being. Studying or working abroad also entails a ton of pragmatic skills that further work towards enhancing one’s success.

Exploring different cultures while you live abroad can be one of your biggest adventures. As I mentioned above, step out of your bubble, the world is your oyster! You get to meet people from all walks of life. Some of these people might even turn out to be friends for life. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

International travelling—what can be more enticing than sailing across International waters! Life abroad will open up a myriad of possibilities for you to travel frequently. You can easily afford to travel more once you are studying and/or earning in a foreign country.

Can it get any better than this? Certainly not.

Don’t let your doubts hold you back and take this step towards a better future now!

– Written by Shrutika (DEC)

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