About Debrecen

Debrecen is the regional capital of Hungary’s Northern Great Plains. Its two-towered, 19th-century Reformed Church stands on Kossuth Tér, the city’s main square. Nearby, the Museum of the Reformed College of Debrecen houses exhibits about the city and the college’s history. Debrecen is not only a fun city to live in; it is also home to one of Hungary’s oldest universities, which offers international students a variety of high-quality programs. Degrees from the University of Debrecen are accredited and recognized in many countries throughout Europe and the world. The University of Debrecen is proud to offer over 80 full-time English-taught degree programs, including Foundation Programs, Undergraduate Programs, Graduate Programs, and PhD/Doctoral Programs.

The number of international students exceeds 3,500 and continues to grow year after year. Students from outside Hungary can study in 54 English-language programs in addition to Hungarian programs. More than 1,500 faculty members in 14 faculties and 23 doctoral schools use their educational, research, and development activities to help graduating professionals enter the workforce with a competitive degree.


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