Kazan Federal University

Kazan Federal University is a public research university in the Russian city of Kazan. From 1837 to 1876, astronomer Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky served as rector of Imperial Kazan University, which was founded in 1804. The university was renamed in 1929 after its, student Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov. 

Kazan Federal University is one of Russia’s oldest and most prestigious universities. Kazan Federal University is Russia’s second-largest university, with a high-quality infrastructure and cutting-edge teaching methods that make it a popular choice for international students. 

Kazan Federal University is also one of the top five Russian universities that the Russian government initially chose to improve its international competitiveness among the world’s leading research and educational institutions.

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Kazan Federal University is a dynamic, modern university that is actively involved in local and international collaboration. Kazan Federal University’s distinct culture has shaped the development of Kazan and the Volga region. Kazan Federal University is consistently ranked first among Russia’s higher education institutions. Around 3000 professors deliver highly regarded undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The majority of them have doctorates, and some represent influential scientific minds not only from Russia but from around the world.

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Facts about MBBS in Russia

Russia is the world’s biggest nation and one of the ten most populous nations. Almost 4000 Indian students enrol in the best and most affordable Russian medical schools each year to begin their MBBS in that country. 

In the late 1990s, it became popular for Indian students to pursue MBBS degrees abroad, particularly in Russia. 

When you choose to pursue your MBBS in Russia, you are choosing the best nation in the entire world, one with a long history of medical advancements, research, and education. 

The first paediatrics faculty in the world and a medical-biological faculty in Europe were both established at the Russian State Medical University, one of the top medical universities in Russia.

MBBS Fees In Kazan Federal University

Year Tuition Fees Hostel Fees Medical+ Insurance Registration, Visa Extension & Document Translation One Time Charges (OTC)* TOTAL USD
1 $ 6,428 $ 95 $ 65 $ 100 $1,000 $ 7,688
2 $ 6,428 $ 95 $ 65 $ 50 $ 6,638
3 $ 6,428 $ 95 $ 65 $ 50 $ 6,638
4 $ 6,428 $ 95 $ 65 $ 50 $ 6,638
5 $ 6,428 $ 95 $ 65 $ 50 $ 6,638
6 $ 6,428 $ 95 $ 65 $ 50 $ 6,638

MBBS Course Duration in Russia

In Russia, the MBBS program lasts six years.

  1. Candidates must study clinical medicine for the first five years.
  2. The students will complete an internship during the remaining year.
  3. Students who choose Russian as their study medium must think about it for seven years.
  4. An additional year will be spent learning the Russian language.
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