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Learn everything about IELTS with Non-stop 17 hours lectures. Yep, you read that right. Time-saving superheroes, right here!

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Don’t waste time learning entire English
Just learn how to get good bands in IELTS

We’ll cram more knowledge into your brain than you thought possible.
It’s like a language rollercoaster – buckle up!

#17 Hour Non Stop IELTS Lecture

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Get Closer to your IELTS Goal! Cut the Wastage of Time and receive only Highly Relevant Content.

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Get back to IELTS basics with our straightforward solution! Don’t let confusion slow you down.

Mental Conditioning

Get a roadmap in dealing with feelings of terror helplessness on the exam day through simple formula.

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Harnessing environment for 17 long hours including activities such as generating cross ideas for brainstorming, relevant guidelines to sustain for instance avoiding heavy meals, prohibition of mobile phones, concentration exercises – disconnected from the outer world for a small period – concentration at par – pushing every bit of my ability in testing condition.

At first, I was worried about 17 long hours – but after completing it, I didn’t feel as stressed as believed before start. Gratitude for the trainer’s stability and passion for the subject matter.

Truly Inspiring…

Dr. Dhwani Patel

What you get in
#17 Hour NonStop IELTS Lecture?


With Top-Notch Quality

Sneak Peak into how one of the “World’s Most Popular Exams” tests your Language skill through various tasks.

How IELTS Question paper Produced?

“Hey do you know, Cambridge takes up to 2 years …to finalize a question paper!! Is that a Joke?

No! Let’s dive deeper”

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Expects increase in band scores with
Detailed Performance Analysis

Contextual relevance is super important for getting those high bands. Make sure to give the examiner exactly what they’re looking for – through developing your core ideas that make sense.

With the perfect flow of arguments, you will experience more scoring opportunities from the moderate grammar & and vocabulary skills you possess.

In turn, this will reduce your chances to drag away from the core topic and increase your overall band scores.

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What we have tried to do over the last few years is to teach the language based on age groups, profession & their current level. Language teaching is a subjective matter and requires an organic approach for individual groups that might not fit for others. 

The interpretation of “Complete IELTS in One Go” is that it is an attempt to support those individuals who are seriously running out of time for some reason and want to “complete the IELTS syllabus” at least once in one sitting – so that they don’t need to spend 2-3 months to complete its syllabus. Well, many IELTS aspirants have been preparing for the exam for ages now – they don’t have any justification except they are either less serious or they don’t get time to do it. When you attend the “Complete IELTS in one go” session, you are not only getting a blueprint for IELTS but also creating content collaboratively, for each module – besides feedback on individual performance. So let’s say, when you get a blueprint of IELTS preparation, create content, and receive feedback on your performance and if these inputs set the stage for you, I think 17 hours is justified.

It can fundamentally save you time in case you can’t spare time for the IELTS preparation or if you have a university or visa application deadline. It can also help you to focus on “what the IELTS examiner is looking for” which can optimise your time and effort and set a stage for you.

Anyone who wants to complete the IELTS syllabus with some practice but doesn’t have time to prepare for it separately. They can complete the IELTS syllabus in one go and don’t need to spare months in IELTS classes  

Yes, you can still attend it. Our lectures are mostly in Hindi but your IELTS notes and assignments will be written in English – same as most college education in India, isn’t it? 

We have a cultural myth: English language classes or IELTS classes should be conducted in English. Wrong. Instructions and teaching must be in a language candidates are comfortable with. The objective while teaching is not to show how talented teachers are in the English language but to make students understand the messages you are trying to convey, isn’t that 100% achieved when teachers teach in a student’s comfortable language? Of course, certain examples can be in the English language as a demonstration but not while you are delivering the concepts, instructions or strategies of any exam. 

So, yes it is perfectly alright even if you are from a non-English medium background. However, you might take a little longer to prepare for IELTS – You might need to do more IELTS practice, especially if you are A1/A2 candidate.

As mentioned above, 100+ IELTS tasks are covered including 10 IELTS writing essays, 10 IELTS reading passages, 10 IELTS graphs, 50 IELTS speaking topics, the latest IELTS questions papers

No. Kindly do not consider this session as a shortcut to IELTS training. You have to put your effort at home by attempting the IELTS mock test – checking your progress – and acting on your weaknesses. A 17-hour IELTS lecture can set a tone about how to prepare for IELTS – the approach for each IELTS module – what the IELTS examiner is looking for – creating IELTS content LIVE – Detailed IELTS feedback – to IELTS exam tips – in one sitting that can save you time completing the IELTS syllabus.

Yes. It is free for everyone, along with a small deposit of 500 Rs, which is refunded after the day. This can help us to attract only serious IELTS aspirants.

Yes. In addition, the candidates will get FREE online IELTS mock papers at the end of the session

You will get FREE IELTS materials that will have IELTS test papers (pdf) which can help you to prepare for IELTS at home convincingly

It is not compulsory to join full IELTS coaching; however, you may opt for IELTS personal coaching in Vadodara or IELTS coaching in Surat if you feel you need personal attention for a good IELTS score.

You can register yourself by entering your details through the IELTS Registration form. You can call our Helpline number 9724913620 for your queries.

Yes, you will keep receiving short breaks

First, change your mindset. Second, understand the optimum requirement of your body and mind to stay alert. Third, don’t eat too much during these hours. No energy drinks or artificial drinks are allowed on the day. Fourth, bring fruits, salads, and green vegetables only (or fresh fruit juices/fresh vegetable soup) – and no heavy food is advised. Last, a small meditation session can keep your mind optimum alert and awake. Experiencing this entire series is a good experience. Yes, your balance will get tested here and you should be up for this equilibrium challenge. We request if you are not physically or medically fit or even if you are on any medication at present, don’t enrol yourself. Pain is Gain can be applicable here as mentioned by one of our alumnus.

You can still expect certain nutritious food, organic drink and some salads. You can bring your own food that’s completely fine but that should feed your brain more and stomach less. Well, fuelling your brain for optimum performance depends on the quality, quantity and type of food. Some of these are below for you to select from;

Bananas, Avocados, Beans, Blueberries, coffee (oh! No sugar/cream please), Dark Chocolate (avoid sugary milk & white chocolate), eggs (only boiled), Nuts – walnuts, cashews, almond, hazelnuts, leafy greens, oats (perfect with blueberries & bananas to make you feel epic), tomatoes, yogurt etc.

First, diagnose your current English language at CEFR – consider your strengths and weaknesses – check your IELTS target score – and make an IELTS study plan accordingly. Ask for IELTS feedback and get IELTS tips from IELTS experts for you and improve the overall quality of your IELTS preparation. Don’t compare yourself with others – watch out for your progress.

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