Our Academic Projects

17 Hours Lectures

Conquering the IELTS in just 17 hours, huh? Crazy, isn’t it! Well, yes. It was a wild ride – like the ultimate marathon of brain power where IELTS aspirants have learned A to Z of IELTS course. And the best part? It’s all for FREE. Be aware this journey tests your balance and equilibrium 

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IELTS Carnival

The One full day – IELTS carnival is not a typical carnival on streets – but a fun-filled event in the classroom. Mock speaking and writing test with a fun twist. It brings the joy of learning with a side of entertainment and delicious food


(Field Work)

English Conversation to Deal with Anxiety & Pressure: Move over textbooks, it’s time for some real world English practice at our local banks. Fight-or-flight assignment – it’s like a watching horror movie alone – sweating and racing heart beats the whole time. But hey they survived & even got some real confidence that would not have been taught in a classroom. Facing fears really does work!


(Flipped Classroom)

For Barodians, a dream come true for coffee lovers. A session emphasizing peer-to-peer learning – full of brainstorming on IELTS modules that has increased interactions.

Collaboration of “Coffee & Learning”

What more could you ask for?

“A lot can happen over Coffee”   

IELTS @ Café Appetito

(Flipped Classroom)

Who needs a stuffy classroom when you can learn IELTS over a cappuccino? From struggling to speak to sipping lattes and chatting away in English – the café has become the new hotspot for IELTS success. Who knew a change of scenery could make such a difference in language learning?

Past Projects

While “Disruptive pedagogies” might sound like a recipe for chaos, they have actually been crucial in sustaining change and exciting. Learning doesn’t just happen in a vacuum – it’s influenced by our surroundings, our peers, and our communities. These projects took account of diverse backgrounds & experiences of students that made us understand how we absorb and retain information