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Invest in acquiring Global Competency! Be a part of the Vibrant Indian Diaspora & Contribute to the Idea of Developed Bharat

The outcome is not just a Degree, but the skills you contribute to the Nation Building – no matter where you settle



    Be a Responsible Global Citizen


    Student friendly policies, promising job prospect & affordable costs are the prime factors


    Choose institution that serves your learning objective & fit within your resources


    Research extensively on subject combinations, its outcome & specialize in one – besides assessment style and faculties


    Don’t just rely on past references & data. Explore Your COMPATIBILITY

    Student-first Approach

    Obsessively engage with their journey & learn from what they do and don’t do

    PT Skill-Ready

    Screening Test Simulations, Accent & Voice Modulations, Regional dialects & slangs, Accent familiarization, application procedures

    Preparatory Program

    Mentoring student with country’s history, culture, travel, accommodation, healthcare & local laws

    Indian Diaspora & Alumni Community

    Earn a reference from your domain & involve in existing Community work. Contribute to soft power through your skills




    What does current data tell us about its trend? How is India’s relationship with the Big 4?
    What their policies towards International students are?

    World Leader in Research & Innovation Top Ranked Universities Computer Science & IT Hub

    3rd Best Country – Quality of life Affordable Tuition Fees Settlement Options

    Shorter Duration Course Scholarshsip & Fundings World Leader in Business & Management

    High Employment Rates Less Crime Rate Settlement Option


    Shift your Focus from EARNING MONEY to LEARNING SKILLS





    57% of job seekers put false information on Resume – Economic Times


    Majorly PT jobs are Retail, CallCenters, Data Entry, BarRestaurants, Homecare, and Warehouse. CS becomes major deciding factor


    Come out from your core group & explore native groups. Not every jobs are posted


    Many seasonal jobs are piled up through agencies. Attempt screening & interview practice. Regular follow-up the recruiter


    For Computer Expert: content writing, social media marketing, online tutoring etc. are good bet


    Only you are responsible for what you are today. Be realistic & learn from your mistakes. Continue effort shines. No Blame game!


    PT jobs might not have rigorous interview but you have to be impressive. Your personality & confidence are key


    Study Abroad provide opportunity to engage with different perspectives, worldviews and culture other than industry-ready curriculum. Having said that, your journey, both in-side and outside classroom, becomes more important as you would require not only to gain theories & concepts but also work collaboratively with diverse groups of people on actual issues that require formulations from your domain. Developing such instinct during your university days can sometimes provide you with deep insights about the goal of your life.

    While the quality of education should not be concern in these countries, they are still different in other aspects; cost of studying (or tuition fees), university application process, living cost, employment prospects & visa application process You are also required to study and research on prospect based on your industry specific interest. In short if you are planning your study abroad, you must weigh in your research apart from taking suggestions from visa consultancies in your town.

    Well, admission for university has always been demanding and lengthy – especially this is more likely for rank universities. You should start planning your study abroad at least one year ahead. Major ranked universities have their own portal and stage wise procedures – that might include interview with admission officer and university specific test – to follow. It is advisable to go through entire procedure, research about the likelihood of receiving offer and work out on personal statement before you start applying in foreign universities. Reach out to DEC Abroad admission officer and get more clarity on it.

    Pursuing higher education in EU countries is considered prestigious as it carries recognition & high value across the world. If you from engineering background, you can go for German universities – German public universities do offer free education for eligible students – or if you are looking for management studies, you can even consider universities from France.

    Some countries offer post study work opportunity to utilize your skills you have learned so far. We advise candidates to get work experience from there for at least 1 or 2 years even if you want to settle back in India. International work experience add more real-time work experience.

    First of all, working part-time is not the right, it’s a privilege that is provided by some government. Secondly, part-time jobs or seasonal jobs are often limited to certain industry. When you find out what industries look for part time workers during your research, you get comprehensive idea about its eligibility, the skills it requires etc. – Canada is no different – yes, every country will have certain economic downturn and so their employment availability – it might difficult at time to find one but it’s not impossible. You need to consider what works where and at what point in time – match your skill & always stay vigilant as everyday many part-time job comes and gets filled in no time – so the timing is also equally important. What works for one might not work for you and so keep looking for combinations – there is no straight formula – remain flexible and skillful. Our PT Skill Ready can help you to plan for it in advance.

    We assist you completely about how to draft SOP and the points that should cover under this document.

    Yes there are chances if your circumstance change and address the concerns mentioned in refusal letter much convincingly. On that occasion, you need to analyze visa officer’s comment understand his perspective. DEC’s senior team management can help you out for this.

    Get ready to discuss about your goal and purpose with visa officer. Don’t give general answers. Be specific to what you are replying and support it with documentation. Also work on your communication skill reasonably well. You might have received good scores in your language exam but here you need to convince visa officer about your true intention with your strong conviction. Sometime things are clear in your head but you cannot really able to translate into words in front of visa officer. We recommend practicing for visa interview separately and get feedback. DEC’s interview dedicated team can handle this.

    Yes, you apply for bank loan even if you have moderate score. DEC’s finance team can help you in bank loan application for higher studies abroad.

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