Resume Building

There’s a whole new world out there that eagerly awaits your keen exploration in the wake of your graduation. This impending journey is ventured upon by millions of freshers each year across the globe. A majority of these freshers are intimidated by the only hurdle in their young minds— the interviewing process. But what they fail to comprehend is that the main trial is seizing the eye of the recruiter and ensuring that their attention doesn’t stray to the next applicant but rather stays ensnared on their profile instead.

And how do you create that miracle? The answer is rather quite straightforward— building a classic resume.

The resume is akin to round one of your favourite video game, which if done correctly, will open the gates of round two for you— the interviewing process. In order to get shortlisted and called for an interview, your resume must be crisp, succinct, informative, and short yet sweet. To build a perfect resume, it must successfully communicate all your best strengths. And when put together, it must paint an optimistic picture of your best self.

Make sure you are not merely listing out all your skills in a monotonous manner. To grasp the attention of the recruiter, your resume must be compelling and written & formatted in an attractive way. In order to achieve that, you must follow the CAR formula.

C. A. R. = Challenge, Action and Result

Provide your hiring manager with hardcore and straightforward facts. Replace the wordy phrases like “exceptional communication skills” and “results-driven” with real, logical responses. Address the challenges you faced at your prior employment and the actions you took to successfully resolve them and the successful results they procured.

How will the C.A.R. formula make a difference? The CAR formula makes your resume stand out while simultaneously yet subtly underlining your career growth and aspirations to your hiring manager. This approach will also let the recruiter know that your get-go attitude is backed by your infallible drive to turn those results into undeniable statistics.

Moreover, ensuring all your career and professional highlights are factually correct and updated is one of the most pivotal aspects of resume building. The resume should be error-free with respect to spelling, grammar and punctuation.

With less than twenty seconds to scan a resume, the hiring manager or recruiter won’t exert themselves by reading entire paragraphs depicting your life story.

Hence, going overboard with long, winded and baffling sentences is a strict no-no. Keep your resume brief, informative and relevant.

– Written by Shrutika (DEC)

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